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Text for Page 061 [10-17-1860]

I found him in the latter, feeding his animals,
some of which were the illest-looking canine brutes
conceivable, with marks of conflicts, late and
recent on their physiognomies.      Jennings showed
me all his establishment, introduced me to sundry
dogs and rats and extemporized a fight between
a raccoon and a terrier for my edification.     Down
stairs I saw the rat-pit, dog-stables, dogs and
doggy men, passing an extraordinary morning
which I must do up in detail.           Left at 1.
After dinner, down-town to office, missed Croly,
out for an hour, returned, saw him, up-
town, tired.    Stedman called in the evening,
just as I was turning out, to report the Academy
of Medecine and the Burton library-sale.   He
had dropped in at the latter and told me parti-
culars, sparing me that visit.   Left him in
Boweryem�s room with its occupant and Stockton,
went to Academy, then down Waverly Place (how
I longed for half an hour�s drop in at 745, to
see a few kind faces, into omnibus and so to
the dreary office down town.  Wrote items and re-
turned by 11 �, lonely and tired.
  18.  Thursday.  Office.  Up town again, to the
1st avenue, to one Mc Laughlin, a �sporting�
landlord, keeper of the other pit where dogs fight
in New York.   Returning to dinner found a               
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