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Text for Page 065 [10-18-1860]

	    Nicholas Smitten.
it to be explainable by natural means.   It resem-
bled, she said, the tumbling of a looking-glass of
its nail and its smashing to pieces.         It was dis-
tinct, unmistakeable.   I fancy she cautioned me
against allusion to it.                     The noise I heard
was timed by Boweryem at twenty-five minutes
to 10 precisely.      If nothing follow, how supersti-
tious this entry will read.           But how came the
noise that three persons heard, none of them
with search and conjecture being able to discover
its origin?
  19.  Friday.  Office.     Out.     Went in to see
Picton, trimly-drest and respectable in the
City.  Chamberlain�s office, back of the Artisan�s
bank.      Dropt on Larason, then up-town.
To the Hought sale, there again after dinner,
then down town to office; writing awhile, then
by 5 up-town.       In the evening to 745.       Anne,
Sally and Eliza present, the first half asleep
and assuming the rest, the latter dozing in an arm-
chair by the fire-place, Sally wide awake and
lively.      I had divined correctly as the rest did
about the sender of the bouquet, a very handsome
one; her attributing it to me was a bit of charac-
teristic audacity.    The presumably stricken Nichols
had been met in Broadway on the same after-
noon; he hasn�t followed up his gift.      Sally               
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