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Text for Page 066 [10-19-1860]

	Reportorial and Rainy.
and I talked and chaffed most of the
evening, which passed lively enough.   One
of the peculiarities of this girl is that she specu-
lates about life and death and eternity and
likes to gather one�s opinions about these not or-
dinary topics of thought of a girl of nineteen.
She admitted she once had a terrible temper
and used to fight with Matty, who was the stron-
ger, but lacked persistence.       Mr Edwards
and Jack came in at length and by 11, Mrs
E., tired out from her long day�s labor.   I
left soon after and walked attic-wards through
the rain. 
  20.  Saturday.  Send off letter to Hannah.
Down town to office and up-again, to write, till
night, my Dog article for the paper.    A dull
day, ending in rain, which determined me
on staying in doors and not going to the Bur-
ton sale, as I had some thoughts of.   So I had
an hour with Montaigne and was happy for 
that time.
  21.  Sunday.  Rain and drizzle.   In the
afternoon to Brooklyn with Boweryem, to visit
Butler�s dog-establishment, there till nightfall,
returning Williamsburgh way, where Boweryem
called on a family of his innumerable acquain-
tance, a printer on the Daily News and               
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