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Text for Page 067 [10-21-1860]

              Roman Catholic Fancy Fair.
his wife.     The latter had been married pre-
viously to her present husband�s brother, who is
still alive.      Very American.    A vile muggy,
muddy, drizzly night.            Supped at Haney�s,
then parting, I went to 745.              Honeywell there
and anon Mort Brown came from Chapin�s with
Jack, the family, including Ann as usual.       Haney
didn�t show up at all.    Talked with Matty a
little, Sally more; evening partly lively, with pau-
ses.        Wrote half a letter to Bellew this morning.
  22.  Monday.  Office.  Sent back to my �dogs.�
At the article hard till 7, then down-town to
Office again.  Up again to report Roman Catholic
fancy fair business where I met Webb of the
Times and where innumerable Irish girls pest-
ered us to �take chances� in all sorts of twenty-
five and fifteen cent lottery-dodges, after the
manner of the ginger-bread nut virgins of Green-
wich Fair.     Then to the Burton sale, there
half an hour, then down town to Office again
to write reports, returning within half an hour
of midnight.      Dog-tired and nervous.    May-
ers of our paper died yesterday morning.   He
was an English Jew, had lived in Australia.
He died of consumption and bronchitis; it was
mentioned as I sat writing in the office at night.
I had not seen him there for the last week or so.               
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