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Text for Page 068 [10-23-1860]

          Nast Campaigning with Garibaldi.
  23.  Tuesday.  Woke ill, nervous and un-
refreshed from a night haunted with my daily
avocations.   Resolved to stop in-doors during the
morning and to finish dog-article, so wrote on,
with a horrible, nervous headache till 1 �, then
down-town, tired, hurried and half-blind.
Absolved from further labor today.  Up-town, walk-
ing with Underhill most of the way, then to bed
and, thank God! to sleep for a couple of hours.
  To 745 in the evening, the streets and store
fronts crowded, in consequence of the Union or 
Democratic procession.            All the folks present,
the girls, Anne, George, his children, Haney,
Knudsen, Mort Brown, a Mr. Polhemus and
the Nichols of the bouquet.   Down-stairs, saw
a photograph of Nast, which had just arrived,
with letters from him.     In consequence of his
sending no address on his leaving England, Jack,
his principal correspondent, didn�t know where
to write to him, until, I suppose, the arrival
of the letter, which awaited our return from
Grafton Centre.            Nast is on Garibaldi�s
staff, has been under fire, rooms with Colo-
nel Peard, �Garibaldi�s Englishman,� and
writes that he has to rise at 3, to ride till
10 before breakfast, also that he expects to re-
turn to New York a general, apprending, as               
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