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Text for Page 110 [05-29-1851]

              attempted to gild refined gold in bellowing her fame.   I [word crossed out] detest the
spirit that would ape exclusiveness in ostracising universally admitted merit, yet as
I think I must write. I had imagined a voice able to move heart and pulse,
and at the soul soaring to heaven; but with me at least, admiration mounted not
to enthusiasm and adoration.     The bird-song was exquisite, �Echo� also � but
sweetest of all, the sweettiest, saddest ballad ever written �Auld Robin Grey� � Yet
her foreign accent was very perceptible, in this and others.     She has a good
figure, was charmingly dressed, but of the minutiae of her kind face I cannot speak
as distance forbode my perception.            Left when over, and in accordance with
a small note received in the morn, to Wall Street, the Office of one J B Holmes,
surveyor; he desirous of my making a water color landscape, for accompanyment to
survey.   Called at Anderson�s Office, and again at Holmes.             After supper
to Canal for color-box, saw Homer; got a letter from Boutcher, and returned
through a tremendous, drenching rain storm, with lightning accompanyment.
  30. Friday. To Holmes by 7, and there all day, at work.  He a
shrewd, well meaning, travelled man, born of Irish parents, though eastwards
of the Cape of good hope.   A repealer, and physical fine one � having journeyed
to Ireland to take part in Smith O�Brien�s attempt.     Talk of Anderson
whom he knows, and of whom I learnt much. [words crossed out]
[words crossed out]. [words crossed out].  He tradeth on
false pretenses, is no architect, and hath got thus far by dint of brass and
braggadocio.  He owes Holmes money, hath libelled him, and been lamed
by him.   This ^|is but Holmes� story| [words crossed out]
words crossed out]   Mac Namara called in, to whom my job is owing.
Evening to Duane St,   and anon to Canal, with Dillon, then returned.
  31. Saturday. Holmes all day.  A letter from Alf.  Interview
with Genin, about going to Fonthill.     Fred Anderson calling at Robinson
wanting me at the Office.     Evening on the Battery, with Mr Hart & Dillon               
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