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Text for Page 073 [10-23-1860]

            Sally tells me about Nicholas.
illuminatory and brutal in its devices and
transparencies.   Down-stairs awhile for bread
and cheese and ale, then left at 11 �, the
girls still on the doorstep.    Haney left before.
  24.  Wednesday.  In-doors writing Dog
article &c., till 4, then down-town with it.
I had prepared a note for Marble; he entered
his room while I was in it, so we had a talk.
Up-town.     After supper to 745, having a book
for George Edwards and an opera-ticket, but
as it was but an single one, nobody used it.  Haney
there.    The girls, Anne, Haney and I had a 
rather slow evening of it till towards the close,
when Haney got to dancing with Matty and I to
confidences with Sally.      She told me about her
last capture.           The man�s �quite in earnest,� has
asked if her affections are engaged.        He met her
with Eliza, this afternoon, on Broadway; had
done a good deal of promenading of late; with
that object.     Sally is �frightened�; thinks her
admirer rather shallow, and distrusts such
passions of such rapid growth.   She denied my
assertion that she had made love to him first,
singling him out as the most eligible companion
on the night of the Firemen�s parade, with
that especial object. �You can�t see a fresh
scalp without longing to try your hand at it,               
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