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Text for Page 074 [10-24-1860]

	A leading Question.
I said, �and then its so amusing to see how
easily they are taken.�  I talked of her way and
habit of saying pleasant things, and its effective-
ness, as the average run of girls stick to passiv-
ity; how men�s approbativeness raises the adminis
trator of such delicious flattery into liking, which
may be easily increased; and advised her to keep
on, as it brought such peace and happiness and
self respect (?).  She said she felt �very wicked�
while doing it, insisting that I thought her �per-
fectly heartless,� and earnestly denying she had
ever attempted my capture, as I had intimated.
�Why it don�t matter,� I answered; �I don�t like
you any the less for it; but you know you did
try the pleasant things on me?�  �They were
in earnest and I was different.�   x   x   �I used
to say things that stirred her up so.�   �When?
When I talked to her before Nast�s departure.
It wasn�t so, now.�  �Why?�  Somehow she was
changed � didn�t feel so much as she used to.   Did
I ever hear what Jim Parton had said about
me, when he first knew me?�  �No.�  �That he
thought how a woman could love me.�    �Perhaps
one does,� I answered.        �What, now?� said
Sally, thinking of Mary Bilton.     I would have
told her of Hannah, if the time had been one
for confidence.      The others left us together,               
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