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Text for Page 075 [10-24-1860]

	     �Take Care!�
not invidiously so, and once went out to the
door to see a procession of Philadelphia Wide
Awakes.    Left with Haney at 11, walking
part of the way home with him.
  Sally knows I don�t love her, I have told her
so in so many words.   She thinks I entertain
a half-cynical opinion of her; would not object
to have me for a suitor but is not the girl to
let sentiment strike in so as to hurt her.    Yet
these confidential relations between the opposite
sexes always have a touch of it; Haney was
right enough in thinking danger might come of
it.       He�d never have seen it without the aid
of certain �green-eyed� spectacles, however.
  I wouldn�t play false to Hannah�s love and
fidelity for all the world, I have never wished
too.       I don�t like blabbing of my engagement
to her even to Sally, but if it must be, it
must.     God keep me from coxcombry and
puppyism in over estimating a girl�s fancy!
but these entries must read like it.        It seems
damnably ungenerous, too, to be noting down a girl�s
confidences.       I do and cannot but like her
and wouldn�t wrong her in thought or deed.
All this business has come about in the most
unstudied manner in the world.       Get married
Sally! take Nichols or Nast or any good               
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