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Text for Page 076 [10-24-1860]

	     Picton Henpecked.
fellow who�ll love you and let us be friends
  25.  Thursday.  Down town.     Writing till 1,
then return.  After dinner to 41st street and the
6th avenue, to report the laying of the stone of a
methodist church.    A lovely day.      Met Bowman there,
on my errand, for the Tribune.               Return.  Writing.
Boweryem took report &c down in the evening.      Wri-
ting till midnight and latter.                Finished letter to 
Bellew, &c.
  26.  Friday:  Office.  Set free till Monday.
To Courier and Post-office, then up-town by
dinner-time.   Writing in the afternoon.   Evening,
left book (�Chuzzlewit�) at 745 � Sally wanted it �
with pretty Matty at the door, then to Picton�s resi-
dene, in 2nd street.       Spent the evening with him;
the first since I used to visit him in 4th street,
eight years ago.    He showed me his books, gave
me the information I wanted (about the street-
sweepers) talked of Hebrew and what not.    When
I came away I carried Grammont with me.          Pic-
ton is married, to a decisive wife, I fancy.       She
didn�t show but made observations from behind the
door, some of them slap-dashily irreverent of his
talk.               Atwood once of the �Era� died of con-
sumption; Larkin, his fellow publisher is the
prosperous proprietor of a daily paper in San               
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