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Text for Page 077 [10-26-1860]

	I leave �The World.�
Francisco.                  Haney in conjunction with
Addey, has to-day published a �Wide-Awake
Monthly,� illustrated principally with old Momus
cuts.        Haney said nothing about the project to me;
I heard of it from Boweryem.                      Kinne,
the objectionable husband of as objectionable wife,
has returned to our boarding-house.      The woman
was fool enough to consult a fortune teller during
his absence.
  27.  Saturday.  Out to tailor�s &c.   Writing
during the afternoon and till midnight, only
going out for half an hour to Picton�s after
  28.  Sunday.   In doors writing, article about
Street-Sweepers.   To Chapin�s, then to 745.
The family and Haney there, he returned
from a day�s journey and visit to Boston.
Sally reading �Chuzzlewit.�    Jack returning
with Eliza, exhibited locks of hair from the
entire family, designed for transmission to
Nast.         Stayed till 11, walking home part of
the way with Haney.
  29.  Monday.  Office.  Got the friendliest
note from Marble, accepting resignation and
suggesting sketch-writing for the paper.    To-day
at my own disposal.       Going up-town met Jack
Edwards, invited him to accompany me to               
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