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Text for Page 079 [10-29-1860]

	     Killing Rats.
rats &c.     After twenty an hour of this
sport, Jennings proceeded to the feat of the
evening.    From the flat wire cages on one
side of the building, he produced in two sack-
fulls, 100 rats, which being emptied into the
pit, ran round and round, huddled up together
or made terrified leaps to escape.    A time-keep-
er with a stop-watch then was nominated, who
took a chair beside the pit.     Then the Ajax
of terriers, with Jennings, entered it and
the animal commenced his work.  In vain
the wretched vermin ran and squeaked and
leapt and mounted Jennings� clothes, 
one bite and a shake disposed of their lives
successively, with extraordinary rapidity, the
man gathering up the dead bodies by the tails
and throwing them into a basket outside the
pit which he presently filled with the noisome 
carcases.         The audience, Jennings and
the dog were all excited, and the spectacle
was extraordinary.      The dog accomplished his
task in 8 minutes, 38 seconds!            When the
rats were counted 102 carcases were found
in the basket.    (Jennings had accidentally kil-
led on, by stamping on him, and desired his 
the substitution of another, which, I suppose,
had been too enthusiastically acted upon.)               
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