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Text for Page 111 [06-01-1851]

 1.  Sunday.  To Anderson�s Office, drawing for half an hour, Joe and Fred
there.     Walked to the South Ferry, crossed to Brooklyn, and from thence to
Governors Island.   The wind rising shrilly and strong during the afternoon
induced me to stay the night.   Long book talk in the evening with Barth.
  2. Monday.  Crossed after breakfast, and to Wall Street. Drawing
all day.  Mac in often � narrating how he hath had a row with Anderson,
and designeth quitting.  Dillon called in the evening.   Writing.
  3. Tuesday.  At the Wall Street Office all day; completed landscape greatly
to J B Holmes� content, and with reason.     Letter and newspaper from Alf.
Dillon called, designing a walk.       Writing until far into the night.
Letter to Alf &c.  Critique on the Boston illustrated paper a la �Exterminater�.
  4. Wednesday.  Drawing all day the �Running with Machine� picture on
wood.  Holt came and borrowed $5.   Davis called.   Designed writing all
the evening, but the light of the blessed sunset fell so beautifully on the trees ad-
jacent, that I sallied out.  To Duane Street, out with Mr Hart to the
Battery, cigars and converse.   Subsequently in the Park.  Talk of the
Fox imposters, Spirited Knockings &c. This age which cavils at Christian-
ity able to credit that departed spirits will at the summons of paid imposters
play antics applicable to Puck and Friar Rush.   Bah!    /        Returned at
1/2 past 9, and commenced letter for Boutcher.
  5. Thursday.   Drawing all day.  Evening passed, I think in doors,
writing &c.   Joe called.
  6.  Friday.  Drawing.    Dillon Mapother called in the evening; and
about 9 I went out with him; glass of ale & a glance at the London papers at
Reade Street.
  7. Saturday. To Post Office with letter for Boutcher.  Drawing
all day.   No embassy from Holmes with the $7.     After supper off to               
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