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Text for Page 081 [10-29-1860]

	      Dog Fighting.
bit, rolled over and over, bestrode each other,
haled one another around and about the pit
and contended dog-fashion in all sorts of
ways, their owner�s shouting and stamping
and making suggestions which proved them to
be greater brutes than the animals.      It was
�Hey Stumpy! hey! bite him there and he�ll
never forgive you! nip his fore leg! get him by
x  x  x  x  !� all the while the beasts tugged
and tore.     They were �game� dogs and however
�punished� and weakened fought on.     I think
three distinct rounds occurred, the animals being
sponged between whiles.      For the last fifteen
or twenty minutes the younger dog had decidedly
the advantage, but the proprietor of the other
kept hounding him on, until Jennings said
�It�s no use killing that old dog� and on the
animal in question demurring to come up to
the scratch � a literal circular mark on the
floor � which his antagonist ran to, he was con-
sidered defeated and removed from the ring.
Little need be said of the remaining fights,
made up between dogs belonging to the company.
There was betting and offers of bets; I saw
bank-bills passing from hand to hand.   At 11,
the �sports� terminated.    �Well, boys� said Jen-
nings, as the audience clattered down the dingy,               
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