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Text for Page 082 [10-29-1860]

       Page Lectures at the Athen�um Club.
dirty staircase, �we�ve had a bully nights sport
of it!�                          I met Mrs Sexton in
Broadway this morning; when she told me that
she with her mother lived in Bleecker Street,
giving me the address.
  30.  Tuesday.  Office.     Return.     Writing No2
of dog-article.
  31.  Wednesday.  Office.     Returning met
Mrs Wall.     Writing during the afternoon and till
9, then out to report on autograph and docu-
ment sale.    Saw Marble and had friendly
talk with him about my doing sketches for the
paper; left the office at midnight.

  1.  Thursday.   Office, Courier do, then
up-town.  Writing in the afternoon.  In the evening
to the Athenaeum club, where I met Rondel, Ni-
chols, Webb (of the Times) and was introduced by
Briggs to Page the artist.        The Hillards appeared
subsequently, also Avery and I made the acquain-
tance of young Homer the artist on wood, who told
me that he and W. Waud had taken an office
together, in Libery street.      Page delivered a
lecture on Art.     After refreshment, in the
form of oysters and chocolate, left with Webb,
parting with him at Bangs &c auction rooms,               
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