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Text for Page 083 [11-01-1860]

           Anne Discovers a Mare�s Nest.
got particulars of sale, went down-town
and did report.   Talk with Sweetsir and
Cobb, latter a Connecticut man, one of the
editors; found him subsequently in 6th ave-
nue car and we returned up town together at
half-past 12, or later.
  2.  Friday.  In doors till the evening writing,
then to 745.  Found Haney there, the girls and
Mrs Weddell, the good looking sister of Rogers,
Parton�s brother-in-law, with a friend of hers.
There was a Wide-Awake procession towards
9 � o�clock and some of us went to the door to
see it, when Sally availing herself of the oppor-
tunity accorded by Matty�s temporary absence,
told me of a queer hoax got up by Haney on
Saturday and Sunday nights.    An idea that he
was making love to Matty had entered the wise
noddle of Anne, greatly confirmed by some small
confidence betwixt them which had necessitated the
passing of a note from one to the other.     Ann inocu-
lated Sally and Eliza with her suspicions and
on Sunday evening attacked the object of them, tel-
ling him it was wrong to take advantage of the
girl�s youth and inexperience &c.    Haney treat-
ed the accusation with perfect gravity, stating
that he trusted that Martha and he knew each
others dispositions, that though his circumstances               
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