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Text for Page 085 [11-02-1860]

	Jim Parton Runs Away
as he had used to.     He is �different in his
manner� towards her.   The girl would willingly
have his liking; she secretly revolts at being jud-
ged cold and selfish; it is because I accredit
her with a woman�s heart that we are such
friends.  We are always prone to act up to the
estimate formed of us.          Apropos of selfish-
ness, I discovered that some allusion on my part
to �Chuzzlewit,� in my talk on the eve of Nast�s
departure had made her desirous of reading it.
This night I had brought a brief, ridiculously
written article by one of its editors, from the Illustrated N.Y. News,
accompanying a cut of Nast, from a similar
photograph to the one sent to the family.  Sally
wouldn�t allow that she possessed interest in
the subject.            Anne was present part of
the time as we watched the procession.  At 10.
15 I went to my autograph sale, got parti-
culars and presently returned.    Mr and
Mrs Edwards he were at the theatre; Haney
and I tarried till they returned, I talking
with Sally and Anne, and half-writing out
my report.       When Haney and I got outside
he, after mentioning that he intended going 
for a Sunday�s shooting to Lake Mahopac,
in company with Alf. Waud, added �I must
tell you something � Jim�s cut!�       Parton               
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