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Text for Page 087 [11-02-1860]

              Cornelius Bagster in New York.
ginning of the great snow-storm on his way
to Jersey, where I suppose a union with
a woman divorced by her husband, is legal.
  Parting from Haney, went down town to the
office by 12 �.      Found that �two gentlemen�
had called there for me leaving card on which
was the name of �C. Birch Bagster,� with
an up-town address.   It is Cornelius of the
Paternoster Row firm.
  3.  Saturday.   A drenching, wrathfully
stormy day and night, with not a pause of
fair weather.     Down town, to Office, Nick-
nax ditto (with two drawings on wood, done
yesterday) anon uptown.       Out to auction
at 10, but found the doors closed.  To bed
with the rain dashing vindictively at the window
  4.  Sunday.    Cold, clear and sunny.
To 48th street, C. Bagster just gone out.
Return, found Damoreau in my room.    He
dined with me and stayed till 4, when we
turned out together, parting at Union Square,
he going to the Winchesters�, I to 16th street.
Damoreau�s sister still boards with the Winches-
ter family, though she has preferred taking a
little shop to investing her savings in the infalli-
ble remedy for consumption in which they are               
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