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Text for Page 088 [11-04-1860]

        Another Talk with Haney about Sally.
all engrossed, thereby incurring their general
condemnation.  Charley tells me that he narrowly
missed seeing Lotty one day at the Winchesters�;
I�ve communicated nothing respecting her to him.
  To Haney�s room � the rain had prevented
the Mahopac trip � and I found him at home.  No
news of Parton yet; it is supposed that he has 
gone to Rochester, to his sister�s, Fanny�s determi-
ned adversary.             Supped with Haney, in Mrs
Potter�s basement, as usual, �Gladdy� and the Hayes�
family sitting opposite.      I saw Miss Cooper sub-
sequently in the parlor.               To 745 with Ha-
ney.       The family and Mrs Weddell present.
With Sally and Mr Edwards to Chapin�s.       Return,
talk and chaff with Matt and Sally.           Leaving
at the usual hour, 11, walked home with Ha-
ney, and going up the silent Fifth Avenue, slid
into a little talk about Sally, I saying that
I thought he might be doing her injustice � that
I knew she had never given him credit for loving
her as he had, that even now it puzzled her,
supposing, as she did, that his feelings had ex-
perienced such a change as was implied by his
manner towards her.          This led him into more
detail about their former relations than I have
hitherto heard and when we reached his cham-
ber he showed me three letters he had written               
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