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Text for Page 089 [11-04-1860]

         Details about Haney�s Passion.
at the time of his rejection, subsequently re-
turned to him by Sally, which revealed so
much of tenderness, of generosity and disinteres-
tedness, that though I said but little, I was
a good deal touched, especially as I felt guilty
of having questioned the quality of hi affection 
for the girl.          He did love her very dearly,
he suffered very much, he thought, even,
did this undemonstrative man, of suicide to
escape from the misery of the one topic that
haunted him unceasingly � he might have
done it but for the remembrance of his mother.
I do not know but he went to the river side
� to the Battry � with some such intention,
he half implied as much.     He thought of
leaving her what money he had � then of
those whose kinship would have made the
act an injustice.           In the letters he told
her of his love for the family � its very
name commending strangers to him � and,
after his dismissal, counselled her against
mistaking her feelings towards Nast or
accepting him from any but the honest dic-
tates of her heart, with infinite solicitude
and tender magnanimity.    I could well
understand her saying that he had never
appeared to so much advantage as under               
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