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Text for Page 090 [11-04-1860]

	Nast �in love� before (?)
rejection.             But he adhered to his conviction
that she had betrayed a lack of kindness; intima-
ting also that she might not be unwilling to en-
courage a renewal of his suit, now, � at all
events that she has learnt to estimate him differently.
I told him, as I think, that the girl only wishes
to have his good will, being pretty well convinced
that they never would have suited each other.    His
passion, she instinctively felt, was a serious affair,
dreading the responsibility of becoming the wife of
a man who could become exacting, who was too
keen sighted and too much in earnest to be
put off with mere liking such as would have satis-
fied Nast.          This, her girlish hesitancy in
such a crisis, little Tommy�s passion, her sup-
position that Haney took possession of her too sudden-
ly, the opposition of Anne and the others, all had
their influence on Sally.         Apropos of Nast,
I find he was in love with a visitor at Mort
Thomson�s, before he knew Sally.    The girl
was from Rochester, engaged to be married, and
Tommy actually visited that city, for love of her,
I think subsequent to her becoming another man�s 
wife � whether he knew it, I know not.      Haney
knows Anne�s objections to him and has rallied
her on them, especially since the hoax about his
engagement with Matty.          He told me particulars               
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