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Text for Page 091 [11-04-1860]

	    Cornelius Bagster.
which I have combined with those obtained from
  5.  Monday.  Cornelius Bagster came, in
a Scotch cap and plaid, moustached, bearded,
thick-set, grayish-haired, acquiline-nosed.   Has
been in Canada and elsewhere.     Out with him.
To Putnam�s, World Office, where I stayed
an hour, meeting him at Lovejoy�s again,
then to Harper�s.     Here Guernsey discovering
Bagster�s kinship with the �great Bible-house�
obsequeously showed him (and me as an accident-
al accessary) throughout the building, which
occupied over an hour.      Parted with Bagster,
to office again, then up-town.      He came again
in the evening wanting my company to the
house of a Spiritualist Medium, but the man
was out, so we took a Broadway stroll and
went finally to Canterbury Hall, remaining there
till 11 �, witnessing dancing, singing &c.  At
Haney�s subsequently, met a man named Bennett
who recognized me, though I didn�t remember him.
  6.  Tuesday.  In doors, writing.    During
the afternoon did an article for Lloyd�s railroad
paper at the request of one of its proprietors, a
boarder in the house.   Shepherd called in the eve-
ning.       He had just visited the doctor�s, next               
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