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Text for Page 092 [11-06-1860]

	    Lotty going to England.
to sympathize with the occasion for his coming, which
Shepherd attributes to the ex-mistress of the ingenious
Frank Wood.        We went out to the Optimus for ale
afterwards.       When I returned and for some time
subsequent, the reflection of a fire appeared Bowery-
wards, and the shouts and distant noises incident-
al to the Presidential election were heard; all
folks within and without astir about it.
  7.  Wednesday.  New York�s conscience in its bree-
ches pocket as usual, but the country honester � a
Republican president elected.        Boweryem met
Brentnall and Hill the other day, the second carry-
ing a heavy package just passed through the cus-
tom house, presumably of jewelry or watches.  The
two told Boweryem that Lotty was going to sail
for England in a week�s time, to rejoin Granville,
and that they meditated a pleasure trip to South
America.      They have given up the store they had
taken in an expensive part of Broadway; when
Boweryem has visited it he always found it
closed.      He opines, reasonably enough, that these
young fellows are robbing, the one his father, the
other his employer.    They came hither to represent
the firm, a respectable                         one, Brentnall
having been apprentice to Hill�s father.         What
an enviable experience Granville�s English relatives
will have of Lotty! go where she will she�ll do               
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