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Text for Page 093 [11-07-1860]

              Fanny Fern �on the Rampage.�
something wilfully scandalous and calculated
to create an infinity of row.             I should like
to come across her, before her departure, to
hear her story and see how it lies between her
and Brentnall.    She�d tell me about it, with the
usual monstrous per-centage of lying.        Down-
town.     Passed Fanny Fern with Grace, the
former grinning, on the arm of Neal of the �Tri-
bune,� he with a Scotch cap, curly hair and
as if proud of his position.      Saw Haney at his
office; with him to the Post-office.    Parton has
written to Mrs. Edwards and to Fanny.           To
the Battery, there to see the head o the harbor
police.      Return up-town.    Writing all the after-
noon; to 745 by 9 in the evening.           The girls,
Anne, Haney, Brown (Mort�s elder brother) and
his pretty sister there at first; presently the two
latter left.        Stayed till 11, walking homewards
with Haney subsequently.   He had received and
read to me a letter from Parton.        It stated that
on his return home, on Tuesday, he escaped the
storm �under cover of a cloud of tobacco smoke,�
sleeping upstairs, in his own room, and also
evaded it till after breakfast; when it burst
in fury, scattering his papers, writings, wafers,
coal-scuttle &c and raging with the utmost vio-
lence.     He smoked and took it philosophically;               
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