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Text for Page 094 [11-07-1860]

        Larason pities his dead Brother-in-Law.
presently availing himself of her going out to
pack up a few things, get a coach, drive off to
the railroad dep�t and start for Rochester.   Fore-
seeing the necessity, some days ago, he had provided
himself with money.     He asked Haney to go to the
Masons� for letters, now and then, and if he thought
advisable, to do something for the �miserable woman.�
For himself he stays for the present away from
her.       Haney hopes as I do that the seperation may
prove final.
  8.  Thursday.  Larason called, wanting to
see Boweryem, about obtaining advertisements for
�Nick-nax,� Mrs Levison having insisted that he
should procure them, or the paper shouldn�t go to press
this month.           Mrs. L�s little brother-in-law
is getting some experience of that lady�s temper, and
says, �if she was the same in Bill Levison�s time
he pities him, that he does!�    Larason wishes he
could get some book-keeping to do, being content then
to throw up his present employment.         Writing.
Out at 3 �, to Gurney�s, then down-town, to the
�World� office and saw Marble.    Return and writing
(story) till 10 �.
  9.  Friday.  To Gurneys, then to Broome St, the
police head-quarters, then returned.   Writing during
the afternoon, a letter to my mother.       Evening to 745.
The girls, Jack and Haney.          Sally troubled with               
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