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Text for Page 095 [11-09-1860]

	Nast caricatures Fanny Fern.
the tooth-ache, bearing it composedly after her
wont, going to have the tooth extracted on the mor-
row.        Talking with all the girls; Anne came
in at about 11.         Stayed till near midnight, Haney
walking to my door, through the heavy rain.   No
more news of Parton except that he has written
recently to Mrs Edwards.     His sister is dangerous-
ly ill of bronchitis.      All the Parton family have
a consumptive tendency.    Jack was 
writing again to Nast, this evening, in answer to
a letter just received from him.      It was a very
meagre one, containing no news, and a carica-
ture of Fanny Fern � an imaginary copy of a
photograph she destroyed in a fit of low spirits,
as related by Ed. Welles.       He, by the bye, has
recently heard of a brother�s death, which explains
his absence from 745 of late.        Honeywell don�t
show there either, is �offended,� as the girls say,
�about something.�
  10.  Saturday.  In doors, except for a run
out to post letter, all the wet, dreary day.    Lonely
and nervous and ill.              The evening brought
Stockton to Boweryem�s room and by 9, I
had them up in mine, where over a modest
toddy with the former, I for a time forgot my
dreadful self-consciousness.   We talked of books               
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