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Text for Page 096 [11-11-1860]

	A Shifty and Sponging Family.
  11.  Sunday.  Squally and rainy, turned
out to go to Haney and returned.  Damoreau
up, stayed to dinner and after.     He has heard
of Lotty�s coming departure for England, from
her aunt, Mrs. Winchester, who has �bought� Lotty�s
piano, after the fashion of the family.      There
never was such an extraordinary lot as they are
� all of them.     The amount of borrowing, sponging,
getting things on credit, on half and quarter pay-
ments, eked out God knows how, or wholly ig-
nored, that the tribe have been, time out of mind,
addicted to, must be enormous.      These Winchesters,
now, work on the feelings of Charley�s good, old
maiden sister, when she lends them $100, which
she is now �taking out� in board.     They were �wild,�
too, says Charley, to get the remainder of her
savings - $200 or $300, � to throw them into
the hyper-phosphates, offering her unlimited board, for the
interest alone!         Charley advised her against it,
wherefore the little shop.           Mrs. Winchester is
the worthy sister of the ex-Mrs. Kidder.       Making
a tremendous parade of economy she yet squanders
money or runs in debt for articles of furniture,
altogether pretentious and superfluous; with an
affectation of regard and esteem for one another
the inmates of the house are all full of hates and jealousies
and as miserable as they can be.         The hyper-               
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