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Text for Page 100 [11-11-1860]

	Revolting against his Wife.
ter to his likings � �finding affection elsewhere,�
perhaps begetting another family.    He says the
woman is furiously jealous, withal, of his success
with others; of whom she lies indirectly, by tel-
ling him what they said of him at another time,
as though it occurred recently.    When they were
going to be married, I happened to smile at him,
as he and the bride-elect sat in the coach; his res-
ponding produced a threat of breaking off the match
then and there!         He declares he should have taken
her at her work and ordered the coachman to drive
back; when he might have conquered her and re-
tained the whip-hand ever since.           He narrates
some damnable instances of the woman�s utter
selfishness and one, the sinking of her $1,000
out of all power of touching it for ten years,
seems to have made a great impression on him.
Yet he can�t be sure of the existence of this money.
I think it�s probable the woman has lied a good
deal from the outset; she told him mysterious
stories of her possible fortunes, which have either
drifted into forgetfulness or been but indefinitely
recanted.   He says he is confident as to her
chastity and seems to have no doubt about it.  For
six months, she avers that she lived a virgin wife
with her first husband, who, quoth Charley, �was
a gentleman though a Frenchman,� and who               
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