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Text for Page 101 [11-11-1860]

              Haney talks of �Allie Vernon,�
only obtained his marital rights when she
was sick and unable to prevent him.   It was
a �marriage of convenience,� and she didn�t love
him; a man much older than herself.          Subse-
quent to his death, she was in receipt of a fine
income, and travelled throughout the south, and
returning, mixed with the elite of Boston society,
until Bodisco, the Russian minister, informed her
that a nearer heir to the revenue she was
then enjoying had been discovered.  Then she
disappeared from �society� and went to embroidery,
making a good income at it.          This is her
story.              One good promises to come out of
this; Damoreau seems disposed to stick to his
good sister, Emma.                       We went to
the �Optimus� in the afternoon, sitting an hour
or more, then up the 5th avenue, where we
parted, I to Mrs Potter�s, finding Haney
in his room.   Some chance remark brought up
the subject of Sol Eytinge and �Allie Vernon,� when
a few facts turned up in elucidation of the past.
Haney thinks that Allie was really not married
to Covill; there was also another male favorite
in possession, even when Sol was enjoying Allie�s 
favors!         She did the passional attra^|c|tive business
to all Sol�s friends, both before and after the
marriage, would lie between Sol and Cahill               
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