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Text for Page 102 [11-11-1860]

	Whom Clapp wants to call on.
and squeeze the hands of both.       Haney declares
a visit to Sol�s involved the utmost awkwardness
and the dreariest experience.      To escape from Allie�s
indirect importunities, he made love to Josey; which
set her so conceited that she immediately imagined
herself �in keeping,� as her sister was, and quar-
relled with Allie on the strength of it!       Sol spoke
to Haney about his presumed liking for Josey;
would not have been unwilling to let him have
her.               Since their non-intercourse, Haney
contrived to do Sol a service.       Allie wrote a few
things for the �Saturday Press�; had known Clapp
before, in her Bohemienne days, when she was
hawking her writings, and a more vendible commo-
dity, about the low newspaper offices in New York.
Well, Clapp affected to admire her verses, called
upon Haney and incidentally, inquired for Sol�s
Brooklyn address.       He didn�t get it, however,
and Haney told Cahill to give Sol a caution.
No more of Allie�s writings appeared henceforth
in the �Saturday Press!�               Supped and 
to 745, with gratulation that we knew one good,
pure house in the city.     The girls and Jack pre-
sent, Sally still suffering from the tooth-ache,
the rain of Saturday having prevented a visit to
the dentists.      I went to Chapins.     Saw editor
Sykes, Morris� friend there, and a �Herald� re-               
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