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Text for Page 103 [11-11-1860]

porter, a man I had last met on board
the Harriet Lane � Fontaine�s companion.
To 745 again and there till past 11.        It be-
gan to rain drearily as Haney and I parted.
  12.  Monday.  Writing awhile, then down-town,
to Paul and the Post-office.    Return, to Gurney�s
for photograph.    Writing in the afternoon, ner-
vous, low-spirited, diuretic and troubled with
a headache which increased intensely as the day
progressed.      Boweryem with me from 9 till
12.      I had intended a night with the Harbor-
police, but wasn�t fit for it.         The whole day
was like a relapse into my old nervous horror,
and I, utterly lonely and miserable.    Getting to
bed, I lay awake for a long time, in pain of
body and despondency of mind.
  13.  Tuesday.   Writing during the morning
with some success.    Turned out at 3 � and walk-
ed to Chambers Street, meeting Mrs. Jewell and
Mrs. Wall by the way.         Had a solitary fit on
my return to my room; so fled from it to 745
in the evening.    Wells and Polhemus there playing
some innocent game of cards with Mat and Eliza,
Jack present, Anne reading and Sally aloof on
the sofa.      I talked with the latter all the evening,
principally, as it chanced, about the servant of the
family.       (Sally had paid a visit to the dentist, but,               
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