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Text for Page 107 [11-13-1860]

           How to win a Servant�s Liking.
she is �only a great baby after all, and her
father and mother must think a good deal of
her to let her go squalling about the house of a
Sunday morning,� which shocks our Scot�s sense
of propriety.       In truth Eliza loves nothing
so much as music and singing; it is to her
what reading is to a lover of books.  She would
willingly spend a whole mornings at the piano
regarding other duties as irksome.      To return
to the damsel who would willingly play Friday
to Sally�s Robinson Crusoe.        She professes to
like her vocation, because it gives her an oppotu-
nity of observing people � a reason in which I
can sympathize.        She would like nothing better
than to be Sally�s servant and �make things
comfortable for her.�     �I praise her a little
when she does things well,� said Sally �and
don�t scold when the opposite happens: I may
say she might have done better.�         The maid
anticipates leaving, but insists she shall call and
see Sally.           She has her admirers and, as
said, makes the girl her confidante about them.
  So we talked till Mr and Mrs E. came down
stairs.        Welles had got a letter from Nast and
spoke of it, I didn�t hear particulars.         All the
Edwards� family went to visit the Hayes� yester-
evening, with the exception of Sally, detained by               
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