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Text for Page 108 [11-13-1860]

   Hayes.   More of Sally�s Confidences.   Nicholas.
tooth-ache.       Apropos, I must remember that the
maid liked Hayes; �he laughed so� when conversing
with Sally that she suspected �it might be him.� Hayes
is a very good-humored, likeable fellow, of the
Traddles order, a good son, an industrious, eco-
nomical fellow, very careful, as Sally (and I)
have remarked, not to allow his attentions to one 
girl to exceed those offered to another.    He has
a precise, facetious air, will be his father�s fac-
simile when he grows old, and, probably, continue
a bachelor.                 The girls are invited to New-
ark tomorrow afternoon, to visit the Crocketts,
the acquaintances who introduced Nichols of the
bouquet.        He has been away, sporting, sent quail
to paterfamilias (the Scotch girl �saved me one,�
says Sally) and, returned, met Mat and Eliza
on Broadway yesterday.      He didn�t join
their promenade � �wasn�t it odd?� asked Sally.
�Very!� I said, �especially as everybody knew
that Mat and Eliza were the especial objects of
his regard.�   Sally laughed.  She says she don�t
think she�ll go tomorrow and repeated her former
anticipation about �getting into a scrape.�
  Welles set the example for going and we left at
the usual hour.     It was a cold clear night,
the stars shining, I had some thought of a night
in the boats, but didn�t effect it, going home               
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