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Text for Page 109 [11-13-1860]

            Mary Anne and her Sons in Illinois.
and, in an hour, to bed.
  14.  Wednesday.   A letter from Mary Anne,
written on the 5th, the �day before election� when
Fred intends to deposit �his first vote for the rail-
splitter.�     The family have �moved from the log-
cabin and are now living at Mr Norton�s, hav-
ing the basement and two bed-rooms.�  Norton is
from Maine, and �the boy�s guardian.� �Crops
pretty good, � boys have picked and cribbed part
of theirs � it is selling at a dreadfully low price,
18 and 19 cents a bushel � prairie settling up
fast � land to be bought cheap, at $6 and $8
the acre � the boys have their team of horses as
the trifle that was due them from the estate.�  Thus
my sister in Illinois.      Writing, miserably.
Walked to 48th street, called at the house where
Bagster is stay, didn�t find him, returned,
wrote or tried to till 9, then rushed out and
called on Mrs Jewell, her daughters and Wall,
finding the whole of them together.   Mrs Sexton,
who was sitting up in bed, with her baby, talked
of Alf Waud�s establishment.      It is in Brook-
lyn, Gowanus� way, the family sharing the house
with another.     Mrs Eytinge junior wants to be
a visitor, but Alf�s �wife� is indisposed towards
receiving her.   Sol goes there.     I shouldn�t wonder
if daily intimacy with him has biassed Alf against               
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