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Text for Page 110 [11-14-1860]

	Hypochondria Again.
me.     Editor Phillips visits Mrs Jewell.
 15.  Thursday.   Out and down-town, sorely
troubled with my old horror, nervousness and
hypochondria.     Going into Crook and Duffs found
Banks, Will Waud and Abrams and, conversing
with them, we were presently joined by Gayler.   As
we stood at the bar, Sol Eytinge and Anthony
passed in and Alf Waud stopped temporarily to
join our group.    He offered his hand with �How
are you?� to which I responded, and that was
all that occurred.       Will talked friendly and
considerately to me, seeing I was out of sorts.  Re-
turn, trying to write throughout the afternoon,
horror growing upon me and culminating towards
sunset.        After an attempt at supper, rushed off to
16th street, just as I did five years ago from
my Reade Street room to the Pic office, to tell
Haney.     But he wasn�t at home, hadn�t returned
to dinner.       I sat wretchedly awaiting him for half
an hour, then turned out into the pitiless streets
and went to 745, where I found Haney, in com-
pany with the Sally and Matty, conversing merrily
and busied about a letter in answer to one of Jim�s.
I could scarcely talk and feared my condition might
be perceived, but they only thought I�d a cold and
was affected in spirits by it.           How I felt, sitting
in an arm-chair, in the dear familiar room, with
the dear girls� faces, so peaceful and good               
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