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Text for Page 114 [06-09-1851]

              Baltimore, green hatted and wearing capes.     I know not how many companies,
�Hose,  Hook and Ladder &c� followed, with their  Engines; but for nigh upon an
hour was the procession passing.       Sturdy, well looking fellows mostly, picturesquely
clad; some blue-flannel shirted, others red, with blue underneath, or simply red,
with linen below.   Well-fitting black �panties�,  some faced to mid-leg with glazed
leather; helmets more or less curved in brim; and the wearers bearing nosegays.
Many beautifully fashioned engines and hose carriages; flags, (some trumpery ones) 
bearing a wooden eagle; and a live eagle perched on the back of one machine, and 
looking marvellously, enquiringly uncomfortable.  Trumpets and lanthorns bedecked 
flowers, and twice, small boys dressed a la fireman on the tops of engines.  /       Out
with Dillon, and through the throng to Nassau Street.     To Strongs with
block, got paid $8; thence to Wall Street, saw Holmes, got paid $7;
then to Andersons; finding Fred alone their.  Learnt that his dad was at Wash
ington, that decision was to be made ere many days be passed, that the President
had entered into a direful conspiracy against C F A &c. &c.           Left, and to Genins.
Conversing with a Mr Webb in his employ, one who has been in India, in the 
service and bivouacked in the jungle.       A Mr Barrow, fat little man, husband
to Julia Bennet, the actress, came;  I made sketch for him for hat feminine of
time of Louis le grand, for his wife.       Saw Genin, talked awhile & left.
Sangaree at Sherwoods with Dillon, then parted.       After supper out with
him again; to Leonard Street, to visit the boarding house spoken of by Mrs Kidder;
no room suitable vacant;  then to Firemans Hall, talk with young fellow, then
unsuccessful call at Dillon�s relative;  then walk back to Duane, sitting by
the way a good hour at Saint John�s park talking about home.  /       Bye the
bye,  in the afternoon, we encountered the procession, after leaving  and the
eagle looked decidedly sea-sick.
  10. Tuesday. Made a little fairy-initial sketck &c took it to Strongs.  Thence
to Butlers, where I found him saddened at the recent death of his younger child.               
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