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Text for Page 111 [11-15-1860]

	A Letter from Hannah.
and unsuspicious � how I wished that the eve-
ning could be protracted to eternity � for it seem-
ed as if despair and madness and suicide lay
in wait for me out of that sanctuary.    I was
a damned soul admitted into heaven for awhile
with the fiend�s reclaim upon me.          They
had all been to Newark yesterday, to visit the
Crockett�s, but owing to a mistake in the date
Nichols wasn�t there.        To-night Eliza was
absent, on a visit to �Jo Brown.�           The girls
and Jack and Haney talked, and I rallied a
little under their influence.     At 11 Haney and
I left, and walking home with him, I told him
my state which confession partially relieved me.
  16.  Friday.   Out.    To Harry Jennings�, the
�World� office (where I saw Croly and Stedman,
and learnt that Frank Wood had been sent
to South Carolina, to report �secession�) and to
F. Butler�s, as my �Dog� article appeared in
to-day�s paper.  To Post-office; met Banks,
twice.     Return.    Found a letter from Hannah
awaiting me.       Written before the arrival of my last,
two days before her departure from Chacombe to Chig-
well, it is principally about Charley and
his wife.       Little Rosa �writes in good spirits,
and says she finds all the kindness and love
possible in her loved and loving husband.�  The               
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