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Text for Page 112 [11-16-1860]

	Charley�s M�nage at Chigwell.
residence of the newly-wedded couple seems to be
better adapted to summer than winter habitation;
it necessitates Charley�s rising at 6 A. M., and
a three miles� walk along a green lane to the
railroad station from which he starts daily for
London.    This, with the same performance at night,
has rather indisposed Charley towards his rural
investment and his wife says �she could fancy
herself in the backwoods of America� � much she
knows about that!        Charley purveys most of the
provisions from London, little Rosa �never work-
ed so hard in her life� and is prodigiously desirous
of Hannah�s company.    Sarah Ann Bolton stay-
ed some weeks at our house, after the wedding,
and George Gardner went to see her there, stopping
one night.           George Bolton has written lately, �in
good spirits� to his mother �saying he is getting
on well.�     William �has let his house and looks
dull and miserable.�        Sister Mary�s wooing
seems to progress favorably.       Here�s a testi-
monial to Hannah in Rosa Gunn�s (nee Bol-
ton�s) words:      �She told Charlotte there was one
dear friend she wanted to see have some one to
truly love her and that was Hannah.            She
couldn�t think why she didn�t seem to care or notice
any men.�              With more of love and tender-
ness the letter concludes.              Trying to write.               
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