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Text for Page 113 [11-16-1860]

	Boweryem �hankering.�
Another attack of the horrors in the afternoon.
Haney came after supper and, just as we were
going out to Goupil�s to see a picture, Jack
Edwards appeared.     Turning out together and fin-
ding the place closed, we dropped in 745.     There
were the dear girls and pleasant talk and
peace again.      And God bless the house and
all who dwell within it!                  Boweryem
went this evening to a Broadway hotel to see
Lotty, previous to her to-morrow�s embarkation
on board the Glasgow, for Europe, a visit he
wanted me to share.        He called on Morse,
and got the information from him.    Going, accor-
dingly, he found not Lotty (who had gone out to
make a call) but �Jule� Martin, Hill and
others, so he returned growling at them and
wouldn�t swell the train tomorrow, though he
�hankered after it,� evidently.    Hill talked of
finding a boarding-house for himself and Brent-
nall, who I suppose was �squiring Lotty to
some of her innumerable �friends.�
  17.  Saturday.   In Pandemonium during
the morning and, as the day grew older, in
the nethermost hell of Hypochondriasm � so
wretched that I can�t bear to think of it � just
a remove or two from insanity.     Rushing out,
at noon, into the streets, to escape from myself,               
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