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Text for Page 115 [11-17-1860]

	   Lotty�s Embarkation.
I met Warne, not my Rochester acquain-
tance, but the little blue-spectacled Englishman
who lived over the way, who cherished an bit of
an unsuccessful flame for Lizzie Woodward, and
was subsequently ensnared, in a mild way, by Mrs.
Ham, whom he sometimes visits.      Warne had just
been to see �my friend Mrs. Granville� off, and
told me about it.      Her mother, Miss Martin, Mason,
Hill, Brentnall and a crowd of others were there; 
quite a valedictory assembly.     Lott bore up pretty
well until towards the farewell, when she did a
little kissing and crying, principally, I s�pose, for
the benefit of mamma, though I�ve no doubt others
came in for their share of it.            I fancy the queer
little face crying, honestly enough.     She goes to
Holland, to join Granville, who has some
sort of employment there, so exit Lotty for at
least a year or so.          What experiences the little
adventuress will have, what scrapes she�ll get into,
what rows there will be!     She may turn up at
Paris, Baden-Baden, St. Petersburg, be the
cause of duels and the devil knows what mis-
chief and, returning after illimitable demi-repu-
tabilities, denounce everybody and everything, die,
or get married and play mamma � Heaven knows
what�ll be the end of her!                       Down-town
by 4, to Haney�s office, thence to Harper�s, to               
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