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Text for Page 116 [11-17-1860]

             Damoreau writes to his Wife,
crimp Damoreau, and he presently joined
Haney and me I at the office.  Up-town in the
dusk together, Charley talking as of old, I
hypochondriac, horribly miserable.  Damoreau
supped with me, stayed an hour and then
we went to Haney�s, where Boweryem almost
immediately joined us, where Hayes was and
where we had whiskey, smoke and talk.      Char-
ley left at about 10, having moved to a new
boarding-house in Madison Street, Boweryem
and I stopped an hour later.               A wretched
day was this to me, utterly beyond description.
  18.  Sunday.   Persistent rain forbade all
idea of our proposed excursion to Fort Lee
or elsewhere, nevertheless Charley gave me
his company like a good fellow.      Most part
of the morning he employed in writing a letter
to his wife in answer to one received from her,
and which he read to me.         It was an infer-
nal epistle, hard, greedy, exacting, merciless.
It asserted that �money, money, money,� was
the only bond between them and re-iterated the
cry of the horse-leech�s daughter, �Give! give!
give!�    Commencing as usual with �My hus-
band,� it went on with a statement about her
sickness, declaring the cost of medicated baths,
and doctor�s fees with a cold-blooded affectation               
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