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Text for Page 117 [11-18-1860]

	But sends her Money.
of preciseness at once clever and abominable.
She demanded so much of his earnings, more
than the lioness� share, a sum that would reduce
the remainder to a bare pittance for his necessi-
ties, proposing to give nothing in return.     Not
a word about his overworking himself by night-
labor, only formal thanks for the money ($20) just
received.          She hinted at his past attempt
at infidelity with a malignant coldness, also
that he had written under his sister�s influence
and further, quoted scripture with �the voice is
the voice of Jacob, but the hands are the hands of
Esau.�        Dextrously, the letter concluded with infor-
mation about the children.          To this, her husband
gratified her with her request for a special reply.
Firstly and formally he wrote of the money he in-
closed � having raised it in advance on his wages.
Then he dissected her letter and reviewed her
conduct, characterizing it as it deserves, saying
that twelve months absence ha enabled him to re-
flect on and come to a conclusion as to her na-
ture, that it was exacting, selfish, merciless,
that he loved her no longer.    He charged her
with being the cause of his incontinence, from her
denial of conjugal rights, repudiated with horror
her statement that money was henceforth to be the only bond bet-
ween them, denied that his good sister had               
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