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Text for Page 119 [11-18-1860]

              A Woman�s horrible Slander.
being the cause of them.    She would have had
him adopt lettres-francais, accused him of ma-
king her body �a sink,� and generally took a
damnable French or Italian view of matrimony.
�If you ever do this again,� she cried, raving,
during child-birth, �I shall kill you!�   But the
most horrible thing is yet to narrate.   She asserted
to Damoreau that a certain Mrs. Barker, once
their landlady in Brooklyn, had told her that
Charley had admitted that his good old maid of
a sister had initiated him into sexual intercourse
� that the tie between them was incest!   Of course
it�s a lie, bred in the horrible imagination of the
infernal woman herself � none but such could
have dreampt it.          She hated to see Charley�s 
sister kiss him; tried to extort a promise that
he would not allow it!   So much for the
present for the Italianx woman called Beatrice
Damoreau.               Charley went away at 2,
and by 4, I walked up to 16th street.             Was
a little blue at finding Haney out, so return-
ing by Broadway, had passed the dear house
by a block or two when I, dreading going back
to my lonely attic, determined on calling and
was right glad I did.             Firelight before lighting
the gas, paterfamilias in his arm chair, Mrs
E. near him, Haney (there from the morning)
	x Irish.               
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