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Text for Page 120 [11-18-1860]

          At Church with Matty and Others.
sitting on sofa beside Matty, the rest of the
family upstairs, presently down.       And we
talked till tea-time and oh! how different
it was to boarding-house surroundings! and
how I loved them all!           After tea Matt,
Eliza, John and I went to Chapin�s, I
walking with the first.    I had had a
bit of a dispute with the pretty girl, originating
in her overhearing something spoken in confidences
with Sally and attributed, mistakingly by her
to herself, resulting in a real clearing-up and
reconciliation.    �She couldn�t help her temper
at times� said kind Matty, who sang beside
me out of the same hymn-book and whose fair
head nestled in a corner of the pew during the
sermon, which I could have wished might have
lasted for ever, for the presence of these two
girls made the place a blessed one to me, a
sanctuary in which the cruel devils of self rep-
roach and despair couldn�t come to rend my
heart and soul into tatters, as they have been
doing all the past week.      We took young
Tousey, son of the news agent home with us, and
as is usual of Sunday nights found Mr and
Mrs George Edwards there.    Said Sally to
me � Sally, looking handsome in a new green
dress with gold braid ornamenting its body in               
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