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Text for Page 122 [11-19-1860]

	    Nervous Misery.
from John Ware now at Paris and living Pa-
risianly in �married bachelorhood.�   The twain
stayed till 11 �, over whiskey smoke and talk,
and I was glad of their company.               When
Charley told his good sister Emma something of
my state, the kind old maid was for visiting me.
God bless her and her class! after they have con-
quered the first inevitable, natural repugnance
to their lot, I have ever found them most unsel-
fish and tender-hearted.
  20.  Tuesday.   Writing or trying to till 11 � 
when I was summoned down-stairs to see little
Miss Maguire and Mrs Bartow, with whom I pre-
sently went out, leaving them in Broadway and
going down town.  To Paul�s, P.O., Hillard�s busi-
ness place, met Perkins, then to Haney�s office,
where Weed the engraver presently came in. (He is
employed there.)       Had a wretched attack while
sitting in despondency in the place, went as wretched-
ly home but a bottle of pale ale purchased by the
way gave me an hour�s sleep, which was happily
ended by the call of Phillips (of the Ill. News.) who
could sympathize with my condition from similar
experience.          Dunham in my room after supper.
By 8, to 745 where I found the girls, Haney
Jack and �Jo Brown� dancing.     Sitting looking
on at their pleasant youthful faces and figures,               
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