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Text for Page 123 [11-20-1860]

	  Parton Re-Captured.
the old trouble came upon me like a devil; I
could scarcely refrain from bursting into some hys-
terical paroxsysm, or from rushing out into the
cold, dreadful streets.     I kept it down, however,
and presently was summoned to join the dance and
my assent insisted on.          So I danced with Sally
and then sat and talked with her for an hour,
feeling I was safe while obtaining self-forgetfulness,
and morbidly grateful for the relief, yet with a
fearful looking forwards to the renewal of my
possession.             Previously Haney had told me
that Jim Parton had succumbed again to the enemy.
She wrote to Rogers on Saturday, went on to
Rochester next day saw her husband
and, it is supposed, brought him back with her!
Haney wishes for a cursing-mill similar to the
praying ones in use in Thibet and Japan � those
turned by water-power and set into perpetual mo-
tion � thereby to express his feelings.       As we
walked home together, I saw tears in
his eyes at the thought of Jim�s relapse into that hi-
deous tyranny from which he had temporarily escaped.
  The woman humiliates herself, pleads for pardon,
all in the same violent, selfish way that she rages
and domineers.    She began this within two weeks
of the marriage.        Not a visit to his relatives, not
an action dictated by free-will but produces a storm.               
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