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Text for Page 124 [11-20-1860]

She is jealous of his literary success, indifferent
to his tastes and pleasures, yet mercilessly per-
sistent in dragging him to such entertainments as
she likes.        When she is in good humor he don�t
like to call at 745, risking angering her; when
there�s a row he comes every day, seeing that it
can�t be worse and that he may as well be hung
for a sheep as for a lamb.           The news of his
capture reached Mrs Edwards in a letter from
one of the Pillows.           Walked part of the
way with Haney, retracing my steps at midnight.
A wintry night with the stars shining.
  21.  Wednesday.   In doors trying to write till
1. and miserably failing.    Down town in the after-
noon with the horror growing upon me, and broke
down in a paroxysm in Haney�s office.      Returned
up town with him, relieved, but with a weary
sense of strangeness and misery upon me, affecting
everything I looked on.        To 16th street, in Ha-
ney�s room, before and after dinner, Hayes with
us during the latter time, I cold in body and
troubled in mind.     All there to 745 where we
found assembled Mr and Mrs Williston, young
Tousey, Polhemus, Welles and the family, inclu-
ding Mr and Mrs Edwards.          The object was
the deliberation of our Christmas play, the result
an evening�s dancing.     I felt sick and stupid               
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