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Text for Page 126 [11-22-1860]

                At �Barnum�s� and the Theatre.
  There some time, then, feeling faint though
not hungry, though I had eaten comparatively nothing since
yesterday, went to Crook and Duff�s for a
stew and there fell in with Welden and Arm-
strong of the Times.    They were going to Barnum�s
museum and glad to escape from the necessity of
going back to my attic at the risk of another
paroxysm (to which I am especially liable at
the hour of sunset) I accompanied them.     There
we found other newspaper men, among them Webb
and Osbon.             It was my first visit to Bar-
num�s and I found it amusing enough.         So
the afternoon wore away, in looking at the �Aztecs�
(which seem dwarf hybrids between the Jew and
negro) the �What is it?� (a dwarf idiotic negro
or negress) and other Barnumosities till 5, when
I returned up-town with Haney in a 4th avenue
car.      After supper to the theatre, finding that
the party had started from 745, and met Haney
at the door.     Joined the girls and Jack in the boxes,
where they sat in a row.       Haney clambering over
seated himself between Matty and Eliza, next
came Jack, then Sally, then myself, at the outer
end of the seat.    The play was Henry the eighth,
Miss Cushman doing Wolsey.   Clever and elocu-
tionary � that�s all.             We saw Mrs Thomson,
Mort�s mother with another woman and Ottarson,               
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