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Text for Page 127 [11-22-1860]

	Sally �down on� Tommy.
in the seat behind us.     A farce succeeded the play,
in which Miss Cushman appeared also.         The
little revelation about Nast�s previous flame and
Rochester expedition has effected a good deal, not
to his advantage, in Sally�s mind; she returned
to the subject and compared herself to Tom
Pinch on his discovery of the true character of
Pecksniff.    I defended Tommy, arguing that at
his age the passion and the ignoring it was natu-
ral, if he had been older he might have known
the chance of discovery rendered it the wiser course
to admit the folly.        �But,� said Sally, �if he
did it once, he may again with some other.�
Nast has evidently told unnescessarily strong fibs
about the matter.     Sally broached the subject
as soon as possible.    �I expected to see a redness
of the eyes indicative o, in a mild way of cry-
ing,� I suggested, �you bore the confirmation
well and characteristicaly � have you spent
the night in burning up letters?�  �What have
you got in your head, now?� she asked, laugh-
ing but curious, and then fell to talking of Ni-
chols� gratification at a compliment she paid
him.                  I swear there is nothing more deli-
cious, more exquisitely interesting than this looking-
on and into the character of girl-hood; there
is always something to discover, to amuse and               
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