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Text for Page 128 [11-22-1860]

	Rather Sick.     Cornelius Bagster.
to sympathize with.    In Sally there are
impulses to trustfulness and belief that are
exquisitely touching, the more so for their con-
trasting with her cleverness and occasional
delicious bits of humbug.    This girl will never
be happy or content with a husband who does
not understand her, will make a rare wife
to one who does, and who loves her to boot!
Oh me! what a mischance that Haney�s suit
miscarried! how I could wish her his � and
yet they�d hardly be happy together.       To
the house by 11 � and I walked to 16th street
subsequently.             I don�t think I ever
put down that Nast�s father was one of
Dodsworth�s well-known brass band before.  He
died not long before Tommy�s introduction to
  23.  Friday.   Abed from the effects of my
dosing during the best part of the forenoon.
Cornelius Bagster up for an hour and more,
not much of an acquisition.     A dark, dull
day, with rain and wind, rising to a fierce
storm at night.   Writing during the afternoon
and till 10, when Boweryem came up and sat
till 12.     No attack of horrors to-day.
  24.  Saturday.     Cold, clear and sunny, an
icy wind blowing.     Down town, to the Post-of-               
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